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Ashley has always had a passion for animals. Starting when she was a child, she was in love with horses. She started taking lessons at age 12, and entered a competition coming in 2nd and 3rd. Eventually she stopped taking lessons, but continued riding as her friend owned 2 horses.

Throughout high school Ashley participated in many animal related programs. This included being a student shadow at Kwantlan College, where she attended and participated in the Farrier Program. She also completed work experience at Cinemazoo, an animal agency, where she cleaned cages and fed the animals, helped with an animal photo shoot, and was an assistant during an animal awareness demonstration for boy scouts, in which at one point she had to “wear” three tarantulas on her shirt.

Her first job was at the Pacific National Exhibition, where she worked as a Barn Attendant for 2 years. Working with horses, cows, goats and other livestock. Eventually Ashley started working at the Vancouver Pet Center in Yaletown, Vancouver, where she worked over two years, Ashley realized it was time to move on, but was torn by the fact that she would be leaving all dogs she had grown to know over the years. So she decided to start Tails to Scales. What better way to continue working with animals!

Recently Ashley has become a member on the board of directors for Forgotten Felines. A cat shelter where she volunteers, and from where she adopted one of her cats. Ashley also completed a Pet First Aid course at Saint Johns Ambulance, she carries a pet first aid kit at all times during pet sitting and dog walking.

As for her own furry and scaly family, Ashley currently has three cats, and two 30gallon freshwater fish tanks.

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